Translation and interpreting

The development of a company, expansion of international contacts and the search for foreign partners and investors are impossible if documentation is not prepared at a professional level. The accuracy of a translation, use of appropriate legal terminology and the professionalism of translators are becoming the prerequisites for long-term cooperation with foreign partners.

The translation of legal and business documents implies the accurate translation of the intent of a document drafted in a source language into the target language. In addition, it requires the transposition of the meaning of the original document drafted on the basis of one legal system into the target language of another legal system. In this context, it is essential that translators have a grasp of the underlying legal aspects of the legal systems of the countries which languages are used in these translations.

BLC employs professional translators and editors who specialize in the translation of legal, financial, accounting and tax documents, as well as documents relating to the securities market, construction and information technologies. Our translators and interpreters help our clients receive professional translations of documents within tight deadlines, provide consecutive interpreting during business meetings and conferences and arrange for the notarization of the translator’s signature and copies of documents.

We guarantee the confidentiality of all the information received from clients and all the documents that are drafted.

  • Russian-English & English-Russian translation
  • German, Polish into Russian
  • Arrangement for the notarization of the translator’s signature and copies of documents
  • Consecutive Russian-English interpreting at meetings and conferences