Price Certainty

We understand that you need certainty about your legal costs. We share your view that outputs are more important than inputs.  We believe that the value you receive is what is important, not what time we spend. At the company we have therefore decided to leave behind the billable hour and the timesheet, and instead we are built around price certainty.

For each project we will give you a fixed price. You will not have to worry about hidden assumptions or cost over-runs. Our pricing is not based on time estimates or trying to retro-fit the billable hour into a fixed price. Instead we will agree a price with you for a clearly defined scope of work. If you then decide to change the scope of work, we will agree a revised price based on any changes you require in advance. Fixed prices give you more control and oversight of your project at every stage.

We are able to provide price certainty because we are experienced lawyers and have worked on numerous projects both in-house and externally, giving us a clear view of market prices. We also use proper project management and better processes and technology to improve the delivery of your projects.